#cool VEVOR Heat Press 15×15, Upgraded Heat Press Machine 5 in 1, Anti-Scald, Fast-Heating, Swing Away Digital Control Multifunction Heat Press for Sublimation Combo for T-Shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate

key Features
Precise Digital Display
Feature large-screen display and silicone button, easy to operate with comfortable touch feeling. Time and temperature are free to switch, can quickly make different products; Only need press one time to realize simple & quick operation.
Double Tube Heating
The double-tube heating design ensures the heating more uniform and the better transfer quality. Compared with single tube heating, the temperature difference is only about 5 ? between the center and the edge.
Security Anti-scalding
The latest two-layer insulation technology ensures that the sublimation heat press’s surface temperature is only about 50 ? when the working temperature reaches 210 ?.
User-friendly Details
Under the same pressure, the upgraded new handles are more labor-saving & stable. Add 2 layers of thermal insulation cotton, a 4-mm aluminum silicate paper insulation, and a 10-mm thick thermostable sponge to improve the transfer effect.
Trusted Performance
This t-shirt press machine has a 15″x 15″ (38 X 38 cm) large heat platen, which provides a big surface to transfer onto flat-faced items. The Teflon-coated platen is non-stick, avoiding scorching of transfers.
Complete Accessories
This shirt printing machine with varieties of fittings, including one platen press, one hat/cap press, one mug press, and two plate presses, allowing patterns transfer onto T-shirts, caps, mugs, plates, and other flat surfaced items.

5 in 1 Heat Press Machine: In addition to one 15×15 Heat Press Machine for Tshirt, the VEVOR multifunctional heat press has 4 attachments: 6 “x3″ Cap Press x 1pc, 3.5″ Mug Press x 1pc, 8″ Plate Press x 1pc and 10” Plate Press x 1pc. It is suitable for shirts, hoodies, banners, mugs, hats, plates, tiles, mouse pads and other flat items. It can be applied to ceramics, glass, cotton, linen, nylon, etc. A great choice for DIY use or small business to realize your inspiration in everyday life!
Pro Heating System: Built-in the latest double pipe fast heating technology distributes heat quickly and evenly without missing any edges. Two layers of insulation pads for effective heat retention. Compared to ordinary heat presses, these configurations make the VEVOR Pro multifunctional heat press 50% better at maintaining temperature and uniform heating.
Upgraded Anti-scald Cover: The revolutionary composite sustainable material top cover achieves an incredible reduction in surface temperature to 120°F and is not easily scratched. This greatly reduces the risk of scalding and increases safety in use, even at home.
More Precise Control: Using silver alloy electrical contacts, the high precision sensors for timer and temperature are 50% more sensitive than conventional ones. 30-410°F / 0-210°C temperature range; temperature setting units can be converted between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 0-999s timing range; timer allows you to set a countdown function that automatically sounds an audible alert when work is complete. So responsive to every interaction, it makes you feel at ease.
360° Rotation: The reinforced aluminum swivel allows for smooth operation and high durability with 28% increased corrosion resistance compared to a regular metal swivel. The swing-away design facilitates safe movement of the heating element and reduces the risk of burns to the user while ensuring that the scalding effect is intact. It is also easy to inspect the heat press parts for disassembly and cleaning.
Power: 1200W; Voltage: 110V.

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