#cool VEVOR Flash Dryer Temperature Display Flash Dryer for Screen Printing Adjustable Stand T-Shirt Curing Screen Printing Flash Dryer (18 x 18 Inch with Electrical Control Box)

VEVOR Flash Dryer 18×18 Inch Temperature Display for Screen Printing Adjustable Stand Screen Dryer T-Shirt Curing Screen Printing Flash Dryer
Excellent Quality: This screen printing flash dryer is all made of steel structure, using the advanced classic spraying and chrome plating. The silk screen dryer is exquisite and fine in the craft.
Large Drying Area: The effective heating area of the dryer reaches 18″ x 18″ (45 x 45 cm). The heating tubes are wrapped by a stainless steel wire mesh that has higher thermal efficiency, especially more practical for large areas that need to be dried.
Accurate Thermostat & Sensor: Equipped with accurate temperature controller and sensitive sensor, the temperature control range is 0-100℃. When the sensor detects that the heating area has reached the set temperature, the flash dryer for screen printing will automatically stop heating in time.
Adjustable Height: By adjusting the height adjustment knob, you can adjust the corresponding height as required. And the range of adjustment is from 30″-48″.
Solid X-Shaped Base: The base of the flash dryer adopts the X-shaped design, which saves the space area and makes the flash dryer more stable. The traditional cross design is likely to cause injuries and bumps for people, but our flash dryers overcome this shortcoming.

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