#cool TIANIUSEEN 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine Enhanced Model Precise Micro-Registration Silk Screen Press with Removable Pallet for T-Shirt Printing

6 Color 6 Station Precise Screen Printing Machine is specially designed for T-shirt screen printing because of its dedicated T-shirt printing which can guarantee the accurate positioning and good T-shirt printing effect.It can also be applied to printing on substrates which need overprinting, such as pillowcase, bag, non-woven bags and so on.The user can only change the pallet according to the substrates to satisfy the needs of different kinds of printing and it is easy to dismantle the pallet.
Platen size:18x22x0.7 inch (45x55x1.8 cm)
Machine size:85x85x37 inch (216x216x95cm)
Net weight:160kg/353lb
Gross weight:212kg/467lb
Packing size:45x45x50 inch (115x115x117 cm)
Outer packing:wooden case
Items included:
1) 1 set of 6 Color Screen Press with Adjustable Pallet (006255)
* Supply all the installation tools

【HIGH EFFICIENCY】Pallet and screen frame can both rotate independently in 360 degree.Machine size: 85x85x37inch (216x216x95 cm).No need to adjust each pallet,when you aligned one pallet, other pallets will automatically adjust to the correct position to help you quick printing.It has the characteristics of simple operation and high printing efficiency, especially suitable for small enterprises and personal printing plants.
【REMOVEABLE PALLET】The pallet is 22inch long,18inch wide and 0.7inch thick.Max screen frame size: 18x24x1.6inch.Add a metal support under each of the pallet, it can make the pallet more stable.Pallet can move back and forth within 4 inch (4cm).The pallet is connected with an adjustable metal support, operator can adjust the height of the pallet up & down within 1 inch (3cm).
【MORE STABLE】The fixing device of each screen frame is equipped with precise positioning wheel,when the positioning iron on the arm placed in positioning wheel closely, it can ensure the printing result precision.
【MICRO-REGISTRATION】According to the weight of different size screen frame, adjust the spring to achieve the tension balance.Each screen frame holder configure eight micro adjust knobs, these red tool will help to adjust the screen frame from front to back/ left to right .It can make the overprinting more simple and more accurate.This printer is configured with 10pcs supporting feet, and it can adjust the height of the whole machine within 1.6 inch (4cm).
【HIGH QUALITY 】The screen printing machine made of steel plate and adopt electrostatic spraying process, more stable than common model.It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-fading, easy cleaning, and can be used for a long time without rusting

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