#cool The Print Slayer Pocket Printing Attachment – Koozie Platen, Leg/Sleeve Pallet

Designed to print multi-colors and flash cure on those tricky small print jobs. Features: Multiple uses:Made of solid steel with smooth galvanized coating for easy cleaning. Pockets Shirt tags Cozies Sleeves Tiny t-shirts Left chest imprints on placket shirts Can be used for multi-color prints. Flash cure compatible. Universal mount – fits on any platen from 1/8” to 1” thickness. Attaches in seconds with lock down knobs and non-marring hardware (won’t damage your platens like other pocket attachments on the market) How To Use: Clamp the attachment to the front, back or side of the platen using the lock down knobs. Adjust your off-contact to be correct for the height of the attachment (roughly 3/4”). If your press doesn’t have 3/4” off contact adjustment, simply place a shim / spacer between the underside of the screen and the bottom of the screen clamp. Dimensions: 3 ½” x 7 ½” printing surface Fitment: Universal mount – fits on any platen from 1/8” to 1” thickness. Proudly Manufactured in USA
Perfect solution to print pockets, shirt tags, cozies and much more
Attaches in seconds with dual lock down knobs and non-marring hardware
Smooth round edges for snag free loading
Quick and accurate print alignment decreases printing delays and misprints
Proudly Manufactured in USA

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