#cool Sublimation Coating Spray for Cotton Shirts, 100ML Poly T Plus Sublimation Spray for Cotton Blanks Shirts Polyester Tote Bag, Super Print Adhesion & Quick Dry Waterproof High Gloss Finish

1. The coating should be sprayed evenly, the unsprayed area will easily fade after transfer, and the oversprayed area will become hard.
2. 1KG coating liquid, spray A4 size area, can spray 60-70 T-shirts. After spraying, use a heat transfer machine 2-3 times to dry it out.
3. When transferring, put rubber or waste clothing under the clothes to prevent the fabric from yellowing.
4. Operate correctly at 210°C (390°F) for 30-35 seconds, otherwise the T-shirt will fade! Please do it carefully!

Why does the cloth become hard after the transfer is finished after spraying the coating liquid?
The main reason is that the coating liquid is sprayed too much, just spray a proper amount. What is the right amount? If the surface is wet, there are misty water drops on the fabric surface.
Solution: moderate amount; new clothes will become soft after washing once!

🔹VIBRANT COLORS🔹 The polyester spray for sublimation cotton increases the color saturation of the sublimation substrate, provides beautiful luster, makes your DIY colors more vivid and attractive, and make the product not easy to fade. It is soft to the touch and provides you with a pleasant tactile experience.
🔹WHY CHOOSE 1DFAUL SUBLIMATION SPRAY🔹 ➊The poly spray for sublimation is an all-in-one formula, just one step, spray directly on the fabric, no need to mix with other liquids. ➋​Sublimation coating dries quickly and can be sublimated in a few minutes. ➌Poly t spray enhances the adhesion of the ink on the printing surface, so that the ink can better adhere to the printing surface. ➍Sublimation coating spray helps resist abrasion, scratches and ink smudges.
🔹MULTIFUNCTION SUBLIMATION SPRAY🔹 The polyester coating spray for sublimation is suitable for cotton and polyester fabrics, including 100% cotton T-shirts, tote bags, hats, pillowcases, mouse pads, cartons,Unfinished wood print logos, DIY unique gift boxes, or print meaningful patterns, just open up your imagination to make.
🔹NICE HEAT PRESS🔹 The polyester spray for sublimation is a non-toxic and non-irritating odor. The sublimation coating spray for cotton t-shirts the steps of sublimation are simple. ➊First, spray directly onto fabric or other materials. ➋allow the surface to dry naturally. ➌Then prepare the picture you like. ➍Heat press your design. You will end up with a beautiful piece in the end.
🔹HIGH-QUALITY SERVICE🔹 When you receive our product and find that there is a problem with the product, please contact us, do not hesitate, we will provide you with satisfactory service.You can rest assured to buy and use our sublimation spray.

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