#cool Shirt Board for Screen Printing,T-Shirt Board Screen Printing Pallet for Painting/Heat Press/Platen Screen Print Carboard Pad(Gray)

Material: Grey Carboard
【Brand:Tuciyke】This is a shirt board for screen printing (can be placed inside the shirt). Place the shirt on a flat surface. Insert this cardboard into the shirt below the area to be printed. Place the screen on the shirt where you want to print the pattern.
The thickness of the platen screen printing is 0.3 inches/8 mm. If you think it is too thin, please do not buy it.
Affordable and durable, easy to use. Suitable for lovers of screen printing, screen printing and process applications.
Inserting cardboard into the shirt will make the shirt smoother and wrinkle-free. It is an important accessory for screen printing.
Note: This is only synthetic gray cardboard, not solid wood. Please do not nail because they may fall apart.

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