#cool Marabu Screen Printing Kit Set – Screen Print Kit with Reusable Wooden Screen Printing Frame, 1 Screen Printing Squeegee, and 3 x 100ml Screen Printing Ink – Silk Screen Printing Kit for Beginners

EASY TECHNIQUE: Screen printing is a method of printing that involves forcing the printing ink through a finely woven mesh onto the fabric using a squeegee. In the areas of the fabric where no ink is to be printed, according to the pattern, the openings of the mesh are made impermeable to ink using a paper stencil. The motif is cut out and can then be reproduced. Paper stenciling is a convenient method of working. HOW IT WORKS: 1 – Transfer the motif to the stencil material and then cut it out using a cutter. 2 – Stick the stencil to the flat side of the screen using adhesive tape. 3 – Position the screen on the side of the fabric to be printed. The flat side of the screen rests on the fabric. If letters are used, they should now be readable through the screen and not back-to-front. Apply a line of ink approximately 0.5″” wide to the top edge of the screen. 4 – Use the squeegee to spread the ink over the motif from top to bottom without pressure. Make sure all areas to be printed are covered in ink. The screen is flooded. Next, drag the squeegee over the motif from top to bottom applying even pressure. This transfers the ink to the fabric. Carefully lift the screen off the fabric. When the printing process is complete, clean the screen and stencil immediately and leave to dry. 5 – After drying, heat set in the oven (8 minutes / 150 °C – 302 °F) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. 6 – The inks are water-based, saliva-resistant, washable to 40°C/104°F, and soft to the touch. TIPS: Place paper or film between the layers of fabric – Shake paints before use – The best results are achieved on 100% cotton – The fabric needs to be free of any finishes and conditioners – Wash the fabric before use. Note: This screen printing supplies set includes 1 screen, a squeegee, and 3 colors of screen printing ink. You will need a paper stencil (with the pattern yodel like to print on the fabric), a cutter, and some adhesive tape to use our screen printing kits.
ALL YOU NEED – This screen printing starter kit offers all you need and more, making it perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It includes a 9.8″ x 7.4″ screen printing frame, a 4″ x 3″ screen print squeegee, and 3 x 100ml (3.38 fl. oz) screen printing inks.
WATER-BASED INKS – Our screen printing beginners kit includes a set of 3 x 3.38 fl. oz screen printing inks (Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan, Carbon Black). Each ink is water-soluble, making it gentle and soft to the touch, giving an incredible feel.
QUALITY REDEFINED – We emphasize quality above all else with our screenprinting tools kit for our customers’ complete satisfaction. The inks and accessories are manufactured in Germany, ensuring quality you haven’t seen before.
EASY TO USE – You’ll have no trouble bringing your imagination to life with our screen printing kit. Areas where you don’t want ink to be printed on the fabric can be made impermeable simply by using paper stenciling on the screens for printing.
CLIMATE NATURAL – We want you to have a great screen printing experience with our screen printing set, but not while having to compromise on hurting the environment. Our print screening kit doesn’t result in harmful emissions, giving you a guilt-free experience!

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