#cool INTBUYING 3 Color Screen Printing Kit T-Shirt Printing Press 4 Station Screen Printing Machine

3 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Kit
Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing. Our company provide this 3 color 4 station screen printing machine with high quality at a reasonable price,designed to easily set-up, register and print.This package is constitute of necessary screen printing equipments and materials, and other screen printing consumable including screen printing squeegee,ink
Item Included:
1) 1 Three color Four station screen press (006416)
2) 1 UV exposure unit (006854)
3) 1 Screen drying cabinet (006005)
4) 1 Hand screen stretcher (006504)
5) 4 Colors printing materials kit (006532) which includes the following items:
01)1 Washout tank (006008)
02)1 9.5″Emulsion scoop coater (007002)
03)1 14″Emulsion scoop coater (007001)
04)20 sheets of A4 transparent Film (007003)
05)20 sheets of A3 transparent Film (007004)
06)1.39X3Yard 60#screen fabric (007202)
07)1.39X3Yard 100#screen fabric (007204)
08)1.39X3Yard 200#screen fabric (007209)
09)4 10.5″x15″ Aluminum screen frame (007241)
10)4 16″x20″ Aluminum screen frame (007261)
11)1 bottle of Screen frame adhesive (008000)
12)1 set of Photographic emulsion (008401)
13)1 bottle of Remover Powder (008417)
14)4 13″ (33cm) Squeegee (007347)
15)4 18″ (46cm) Squeegee (007350)
16)4 Plastic Cement Spatulas
17)1 Aluminum Frame Tape (008433)
18)3 bottles of White Paste (008242)
19)2 bottles of Transparent base (008252)
20)1 bottle of Scarlet Pigment (008060)
21)1 bottle of Yellow Pigment (008061)
22)1 bottle of Blue Pigment (008062)
23)1 bottle of Black Pigment (008064)
24)1 bottle of Ink thinner (011032)
25)1 bottle of Hardener (008440)
26)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive (008450)
27)1 bottle of Red PVC ink (008014)
28)1 bottle of Yellow PVC ink (008015)
29)1 bottle of Black PVC ink (008018)
30)1 bottle of White PVC ink (008019)
31)4 T-shirt (color random)

Washout is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Based on the customer and market, our company R&D this washout tank furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, economical, multifunctional, convenient to use.
LED UV Exposure Unit (006854) Exposure size: 21×25 inch Voltage: 110v Power: 160w Note: The maximum external size of your screen frame must be within 25″ x 21″x1.5″. Machine size: 26x22x9 inch (67x57x23cm) Net weight: 64lb/29kg Gross weight: 79lb/36kg Packing size: 30x27x12.4 inch (77x68x31cm)
Height of the flash dryer could be adjusted within 5.5″ * The frame & flash dryer can rotate arbitrarily in 180 Degree Features Adjustable double-spring devices are available for screen frames of different weight. Screen clamp could be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.2″ (3cm) thickness. All-metal construction, advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy to clear and no rust.
Screen stretching is the most important procedure to make screen. Stretching tool and technical define the quality of emulsion coating ,screen stretching and screen printing. Specifications Crate dimension: 28″*19″*11″(70×48×28CM) Net weight: 42Lb(19kg) Shipping weight: 50Lb(23kg)
This is a simple type 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Press. It can apply 4 screens to 4 stations simultaneously. The the screen layer and the pallet layer can rotate independently, which makes it easier for multi-color printing. You can print onto clothing (especially for T-shirt), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other plane printing substrates, which is especially suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop.

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