#cool Image Armor Dark Shirt Garment Pretreatment Gallon

ONE GALLON Image Armor DARK Pretreatment
Curing: Set your heat press to 330F.
Cure time: 30 seconds or until dry. You might try two 20 second presses.
Use brown KRAFT paper for best results. Teflon can result in a glossy sheen. Kraft paper should be easily removed and not stick to the shirt when peeling. Sticking will result in fibers sticking up resulting in non-smooth white prints.
Pressure setting: Heavier pressure can be used and will help press/mat down fibers during the drying process.
DO NOT allow cover sheet to remain on garment after pressing or crystallization can occur as pretreatment vapors cool.
Use with AnaJetFP-125, AnaJet Sprint, Fast T-Jet, DTG Hm1, DTG Kiosk, DTG Viper, DTG M2/M4,DTG Summit, Veloci-jet, Belquette Flexi-jet and MOD1, Neoflex, MelcoJet, MelcoG2, Freejet 330 TX, Freejet 550TX and 700 TX, iDot 2100 and iDot 4200, Melco G3and G2, MelcoJet, Texjet, Easy T Printer, MS1, Texjet Plus, SuperJet, Spectra6000 and Spectra P600 and many more.
Image Armor Pretreatment for all Garment Printing Ink
Little to no crystallization when heat pressing
Faster gelling of white inks on higher speed printers.
Shipped from East Coast!

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