#cool Ecotex L E D Green Screen Printing Emulsion (Quart – 32 oz.) Pre – Sensitized Photo Emulsion for Silk Screens, Textiles, and Fabric – Great for Screen Printing Plastisol Ink, Screen Printing Supplies

Simple and Easy – Our L.E.D emulsion is one of the best screen printing supplies you can buy. Premixed and Pre-sensitized for ease of use and ready to apply to your screen printing screens right out of the canister.
Use with your Favorite Products – Fully compatible with all plastisol ink screen printing techniques as well as UV ink. Make sure you pick up some emulsion remover for when you are done to reclaim your screens.
Designed for Long Use – When used with your preferred silk screen printing kit this emulsion is ultra durable and can be cured with a emulsion exposure unit, or High quality UV light . Neither use is not an issue with this emulsion. Use an emulsion scoop coater for clean even coverage.
Perfect for All Skill Levels – Whether this is your first screen print kit or you are an advanced printer, Ecotex has your back. 12 month shelf life and proudly made in the USA
Extended Shelf Life – Pre sensitized photo emulsion does not require the addition of diazo and therefore has a very long shelf life of over a year! Perfect and economical silk screen emulsion for your print shop.

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