#cool DTF L1800 Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine for Dark/Light T-Shirt Hoodies Garment Onesies Pants-DHL Shipping

How to use

Use inkjet printer with software and special ink to print image on the PET film, color and white ink color printed out at the same time then spray with hot melt powder on the PET film, use heat press machine to heat up, after that put the PET film on the t shirts for heat transfer and you will get a perfect customized t shirt.

1.Machine: full set-up,worry free for the equipment connection and solution.

2.Ink:special with quality assurance.

3.Hot Melt Adhesive Powder:even powder to make sure excellent hand feeling and smooth image surface.

4.PET Film: hot and cold peeling available.

5.Installation and Operation Tutorial:Make your business start easily.
Printer parameters
Model: DTF-A3
Print head: Epson L1800
Printing accuracy: 2880DPI
Print size: A3
Printing speed: 6min/A4
Ink consumption: 1 square meter/20 ml
Platform Size: 300*420mm
Print Size: 297mm*420mm
Applicable system: Windows
Ink supply mode: continuous ink supply, white ink mixing
Color configuration: CMYK+WW
White ink output: support/white color output at the same time
Packing size: carton
Voltage/plug: AC100~230V/optional according to the country
Equipment size: L66*W32*H22cm
Warranty: Three-year warranty [Parts in contact with ink (or parts damaged by ink) are not guaranteed
Net weight/Gross weight: 17KG/25KG

Package Includes:

1*A3 DTF printer
1*Six bottles inks in CMYK and white color ,
100pcs sheets PET film
Note: Because rubber powder customs clearance is very slow, all packages do not contain rubber powder, you can buy rubber powder separately on Amazon or locally in the United States

The best T-shirt printer:You do not need to pre-process the clothing. After printing on the PET film with a DTF printer, it can be directly transferred to the T-shirt by a heat press, which is faster and has better results than a DTG printer.
Plateless, directly printing from any image, like TIFF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, PSD, etc.
Printer supports windows computer system.
Package Includes: One A3 modified printer,Six bottles inks in CMYK and white color ,100 sheets PET film
Note: Because the DTF printer is a new technology, if you have not used a related type of printer before, please tell us your skype after placing the order, so that we can arrange for an engineer to remotely guide you to install the printer´╝îthanks

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