#cool BJTDLLX 110V 16″x20″ Auto Open T-Shirt Heat Press Machine Slide Out Vertical Heat Transfer Printing Machine for T-Shirt Bags Pads Rock Photos

Product parameters:

Power: 2000W

Voltage: 110V

Color: Red

Package size: 88 * 52 * 61cm (34.6 * 20.5 * 24.02 inches)

Net weight: 56kg (123.5 lb)

Printing size: 40x50cm (15.7 * 19.7 inches)

Temperature range: 0-232 ° C / 0-450 ° f

Temperature difference: 0-8c / 0-15f

Voltage: 110V 60Hz

Function: the bottom plate can be drawn, pressed directly, semi-automatic, and can be used for dressing

Printing media: T-shirt, clothes, puzzle, mouse pad, etc.

Interface: None

Purpose: it can be used for printing, T-shirt, puzzle, mouse pad and other flat heat-resistant products

Time range: 0-999 seconds

Transfer thickness: about 2cm

Opening angle: 35 degrees

Control instrument: intelligent liquid crystal instrument

Packaging materials: Foam + carton

Packing list:
Machine + instruction
【Parameters】voltage: 110V 60Hz; time range: 0-999 seconds; transfer thickness: about 2cm; opening angle: 35 degrees.
【Function】CE/UL certified accessories, intelligent LCD instrument; flip design, bottom plate can be pulled, can be directly pressed, can be used for heating plate, plate making, mold manufacturing.
【Adjustable Temperature】110 V 2000W, rapid and uniform heating within 5-10 minutes after booting, depending on the temperature range you choose (0-232°C/0-450°f); temperature difference is 0-8c / 0-15f .
【Size】The red magnetic semi-automatic heat press machine with 2000W power and 110V voltage has a packaging size of 88*52*61cm (34.6*20.5*24.02 inches), a net weight of 56 kg (123.5 pounds), and a printing size of 40x50cm (15.7*19.7 inches).
【Uses】The hot press can be used for printing, T-shirts, puzzles, mouse pads and other flat heat-resistant products. The image is through the use of flexible, flocking, transfer printing paper, sublimation, etc.

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