#cool Amoyodo Creative DIY Printing T-Shirt hot Transfer Vinyl 12X 5’HTV (Ceramic White and Dark Night Black) (Ceramic White)

If you are looking for the simplest decorative solid color T-shirt (except other materials), vinyl will be your perfect solution.

It allows you to permanently print designs on various clothing, express your unique personality, promote your brand, promote your new organization, and so on.

The DIY vinyl material is designed to allow you to make your own custom T-shirts in the comfort of your home or office.

If you are an absolute beginner in learning heat transfer vinyl rope, it is strongly recommended that you choose easy conductive vinyl,

The heat transfer vinyl bales on the market today have different qualities. Needless to say,

If you don’t want to be frustrated with your T-shirt transfer, you should focus on high-quality vinyl types.


1. HTV materials are often durable and will not easily fall off, fade or crack no matter how many times they are cleaned. No need to worry about fading.

2. Vinyl is thinner than any other competitor. The thinner it is, the more you can cut it by hand or machine.

3. Convenient transfer: The heat transfer process should always be quick and painless.

4. The raw materials are certified by eco-environmental protection and SGS.

Recommended use of heat transfer vinyl
Cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blended materials are most suitable for cotton, polyester or cotton-polyester blends.
Materials such as waterproof coating (down jacket/wind coat) are not durable materials of HTV vinyl.

It is best to wait 24 hours before cleaning. Bleaching is not recommended. Dry at low temperature.
Temperature: 150-160 °C, time: 10-15 seconds, pressure: about 4.5 kg.
Due to different monitors, the actual color may be slightly different.
[Durable and flexible] This black heat transfer vinyl provides extra flexibility and flexibility without compromising its durability. Black htv vinyl will not fade, peel or crack when applied correctly and can withstand multiple washings.
[Easy to cut and weeding] Htv vinyl rolls are smooth and uniform, with a viscous pressure-sensitive carrier that makes it easy for you to weed and transfer. Even your most complex design can easily separate the trays to create the perfect use effect.
[Convenience and size] HTV vinyl set is very simple! 12 inches x 5 feet (about 30.5 cm x 15.2 meters) high-quality thermal transfer vinyl is stronger and more flexible than other vinyls. Our HTV will not fade, fall or break, and support machine cleaning (the first cleaning should be completed within 24 hours. It is best to clean the backside)
[Creative DIY design] The transfer vinyl set has the characteristics of sticking back, and has high fault tolerance when weeding. You can use our heat transfer vinyl to make unique customized patterns! DIY creative objects with your children. You can use any heat press or household flat iron for HTV design. You can use any craft cutting machine or drawing cutting machine. You can also make some designs on pillows, bags, T-shirts, etc. You can also make some novel designs for pet accessories.
[Quality Service] Hot vinyl is very suitable for making birthday gifts, Christmas and anniversary gifts for family or lovers. Now start making some cute and personalized gifts for your friends and family. This is a gift they will always love and cherish. The accompanying manual is a good choice for htv beginners. If you are not 100% satisfied with htv vinyl, please feel free to contact us.

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