#cool 4 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Press Kit full set starter kit

Package included:
1)1 Four color 1 station screen press (006522)

2)1 set of simple UV exposure unit (006800)

3)1 set of simple drying cabinet (006301)

4)4 16″x20″Aluminum frame with 80#Fabric (007264)

5)4 13″(33cm) squeegee (007347)

6)1 bottle of White Paste (008243)

7)1 bottle of Transparent base (008253)

8)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive (008450)

9)10 sheets A4 Transparency Film (007003)

10)1 bottle of Photosensitive Emulsion (008401)

11)1 pc of 14″ Scoop Coater (007001)

12)4 Spatulas

13)1 bottle of red Color Pigment (008060)

14)1 bottle of yellow Color Pigment (008061)

15)1 bottle of blue Color Pigment (008062)

16)1 bottle of green Color Pigment (008063)

17)1 bottle of black Color Pigment (008064)

Comparing with the original 4color 1 station printer, this new type machine has a function of micro-adjust/registration. If you want to do precise color matching, you can use those small red handles to move the screen frame right or left slightly. It will be a good choice for colorful printing.
This simple UV Exposure Unit Kit is especially designed for personal usage in screen printing; it is easy operated and with very low cost, which will also be the best choice for new hand to start screen printing business.
2015 Table Type 4 Color 1 Station Single-Rotary Screen Press can simultaneously install four screen plates and the screen Holder can rotate independently after installation, which is available for four colors’ overprinting and making progressive proofs of screen printing business.
This package is a fantastic adding if you have your own printing plate making method, of course, you can choose ours. Not only machines but materials are high quality and low price.
Simple Assembly Screen Drying Cabinet

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