#cool 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine Sublimation Transfer Mug Plate Tile T-Shirt Tape Printing Business

Item Included:(000958-999)
1. 1set 110V 3D Vacuum Sublimation Heat Press Machine Black Color (000201)
(Including 2pcs Rubber Clamps for 11oz mug and 1pc for 15oz mug)
2. A4 sublimation transfer paper 1pack (110405)
3. 2pcs 11oz white mug (001007*2)
4. 2pcs 11oz Two-Tone Sublimation Mug (001031*2)
5. 2pcs 11oz Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug (001039*2)
6. 2pcs 11oz Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug (001050*2)
7. 2pcs 11oz Full-Color Sublimation Mug (001041*2)
8. 2pcs 15oz white mug (001435*2)
9. 1pc 8″ Sublimation Plate (001013)
10. 1pc 10″ Sublimation Plate (001014)
11.2pcs 4″x4″ ceramic tile (001015*2)
12.Heat tape 2 rolls (001062*2)
13.Tape holder 1pc (001397)

Specification of 3D vacuum heat press machine
Voltage: 110V; Power: 2800 W
G.W.: 48.4lb(22 kgs)
Use format: 300x420x110mm
Up heating power: 1300 W and Down heating power: 1300 W
Vacuum pump: 150 W
Max Vacuum: -640 mmHg
Vacuum flow: 33L/min
Inspiratory time: 18 s
Dimension of machine: 18.5x 23.2×11.4inch(470x590x290mm)

Sometimes due to the stock, the color of the mugs maybe different and but all the mugs are at the same quality.
If some blanks are out of stock, then other sublimation items will be changed, wish for your kindly understanding and accept of this.

110V 3D Sublimation machine is all-in-one machine, can transfer many sublimation blanks, mug, latte mug, plate, hat, t-shirt, phone case, metal, glass, crystal.
Package include the Two-Tone Sublimation Mug, Rim/Handle Sublimation Mug and Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug.
A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper, this quick-drying dye-sublimation transfer paper for transfer on ceramics, textiles, cloth & fabrics with a specially coated surface. Do not use this paper with normal ink, Use sublimation ink only.
3D Sublimation machine black color, it can press 12pcs 11oz mug one time.
The combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the decoration onto any curved surface.Excellent and durable quality out of mature technology.

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