#cool 15 Pieces Heat Transfer Paper for Dark and Light Fabrics Printed Fabric Transfer Paper Inkjet Printer Iron on HTV for T-Shirt Bag Accessories, A4 Size

15 Pieces heat transfer paper for dark and light fabrics printed fabric transfer paper inkjet printer iron on HTV for T-shirt bag accessories, A4 size


We provide you 2 specifications, please check the dark or light color before use, you can check the paper as picture show.
Please store the paper in a cool, dry place.

How to use:
1. Print: print the image using nice print quality, print the image on the coated film (soft side) of the paper, allow the image to dry for approx. 1 minute before transferring.
2. Ready: preheat the iron to the highest setting, iron the fabric to make sure it is smooth.
3. Transferring: place the transfer film on the fabric with the image facing up, use a parchment paper to cover the image.
4. Move: iron the transfer film with strong pressure and move slowly at 360 degree for 20-30 s.
5. Peel: hot peel or cold peel.
6. Washing: wash the textile out after 24 hours.
7. Enjoy Time: you can get a new item and enjoy your design.

Size: A4 size
Color: as picture shows
Quantity: 15 sheets

Package includes:
10 x Heat transfer paper for dark fabrics (give a piece of insulation paper)
5 x Heat transfer paper for light fabrics

Please do not tumble-dry.
What you receive: the package contains 15 sheets heat transfer paper, including 10 sheets for dark fabrics and 5 sheets for light fabrics, which can satisfy your various demands in daily decoration projects
Two specifications of transfer paper in the package: blue words on the back of transfer paper for light fabric; Black words pattern on the back of transfer paper for dark fabric
Transfer paper for light fabric: have blue words pattern on the back, mirror printing on the blank side; No need to peel, put it on the fabric, back up, and iron
Transfer paper for dark fabric: have black words pattern on the back, normal printing on the blank side; Need to peel, put it directly on the cloth, cover with heat insulation paper and iron
DIY with infinite creativity: please use inkjet printers, you can use this transfer paper to DIY or make kinds of pretty crafts, using your imagination and create your own styles to show your personality, suitable for all colors of your T-shirts, they also fit for inkjet printers, such as hats, aprons, cushion, scarf, bag and so on

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